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Gold Stamp MillGold-Milling

Free-milling; gold ores, in which the ore is oxidized, can be well ami cheaply treated by milling the ore and amalgamating the crushed pulp, while the tailing or residue, left after such extraction, is run to waste. If. however, the ore contains some pyrite. not all the gold content can be recovered so simply. The pyrite, though being heavy, is caught on concentrating tables and the concentrate is then sent away to be smelted or to be further treated by leaching methods. At Trcadwell Island, Alaska, about half the gold is obtained by amalgamation, and the concentrate, one-fortieth of the total weight of the ore, contains the remainder of the gold.

Gold extracted processing

The ore is treated by crushing, dry, in a pair of Cornish rolls, a little lime being added to correct acidity ; then through a hopper and Faucett mill, with 3/16 inch perforated grate, and finally through a pair of Krom rolls into the storage-hopper.

The ground ore being placed in the vat, the cyanide solution is run on. In duo time the solution is allowed to pass through the zinc in the precipitating-boxes. When the solution has disappeared under the ore, a washing of water is rnn on, followed by a second washing, to remove ull the cyanide. When tho treatment is completed, the zinc is removed and dissolved in sulphuric acid ; the residue is washed on a calico litter, dried, heated strongly to oxidize the baser metals, and the resulting mass is smelted in a plumbago crucible with borax and saud, the slags being again treated to free them from adhering beads of gold.

The average percentage of gold extracted by the cyanide was 82.3 per cent, of total contents. The cost of treatment per ton of ore is:—Potassium cyanide, 4s. 7d.; zinc shavings, 2 3/4d.; lime, 3d.; cost of labour, filling and discharging vats, etc, 5 d.; total, 5s. 6d.

Gold Stamp-mill Amalgamation.

This consists in crushing the gold-bearing rock in a stamp-mill and in some instances, feeding mercury in small quantities (about 1.5 oz. per ounce of contained gold) into the mortar while the crushing proceeds. By regulating the water supply and the height of discharge from the mortar, the mercury is kept distributed throughout the ore pulp, as the mixture of water and finely ground ore is called. By the fall of the stamps the gold is brought into intimate contact with the mercury, and forms, with the gold, an amalgam which settles at the bottom of the mortar between the dies, and also becomes attached to amalgamated copper plates (inside plates) lining the sides of the mortar. As all the gold, however, is not amalgamated within the mortar, the issuing pulp flowing over a flat amalgamated table or apron plate (4 ft. wide by 5 to 6.5 ft. long), and is further acted upon, the gold attaching itself to the plate, together with any mercury or amalgam that may escape from the mortar.

Gold Stamp Mill for Sale

Gold stamp mill for sale

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